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Capsule Polishing Machine Capsule Polishing Machine Capsule Polishing Machine

Stepless speed control is used in capsule polishing machine. As deal equipment for the production of capsules in the pharmaceutical industry, this product can be used to polish, clean and eliminate dust on the tablets, thus improving the surface finish and making drugs meeting hygienic standards. All the spare parts which may come into contact with drugs are made of high quality stainless steel, so they are resistant to rust corrosion. In compliance with GMP standards, this product can create a clean and hygienic environment for pharmaceutical packaging process.

Detailed Specifications
Productivity 7000 Pcs/min
Product range Capsule or tablet
Power of motor 180W 220V
Dimension 1310x550x110mm
Weight 50kg

Feiyun is an experienced capsule polishing machine manufacturer in China. Our products include capsule sorting polisher, medical high purity nitrogen generator, semi automatic capsule filling machine and pharmaceutical blister packaging machine, etc.

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