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Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator

The FBG Series fluid bed dryer granulator is used in pharmaceutical solid dosage areas for mixing, granulation and drying application, as well as drying of wet granules processed from a high shear mixer granulator. It is one of the main pieces of processing equipment in a solid dosage production line, and is automatically PLC controlled, while fully satisfying current GMP standards.

MODEL Material bowl volume Batch Size Heating Temperature Fan Power Steam consumption Compressed air cons. Machine Overall Dimension Total weight
L Kg / ρ=0.5 kW M3/h M3/min L*H*D/m kg
FBL10 10 1.2~3.5 room temp.~90 2.2 Electric heating 6kw 0.1 1.8X2.2X0.8 400
FBL15 15 2.0~5.5 room temp.~90 3.0 Electric heating 10kw 0.1 2.0X2.0X0.8 500
FBL25 25 3.1~9.5 room temp.~90 4.0 Electric heating 12kw 0.1 2.0X2.0X1.0 600
FBG50 50 6~18 room temp.~90 5.5 Electric heating 18kw 0.15 1.7X2.7X1.2 1850
FBG100 100 12.5~38 room temp.~110 11 120 0.15 1.7X2.9X1.2 1950
FBG150 150 20~60 room temp.~110 15 150 0.15 2.0X3.2X1.25 2100
FBG200 200 25~75 room temp.~110 15 150 0.15 2.0X3.5X1.4 2300
FBG300 300 38~110 room temp.~110 22 210 0.2 2.05X3.6X1.7 2400
FBG400 400 50~150 room temp.~110 30 270 0.2 2.2X4.1X2.0 2700
FBG500 500 65~190 room temp.~110 37 320 0.25 2.5X4.3X2.0 3000
FBG600 600 75~225 room temp.~110 37 380 0.35 2.5X4.9X2.0 3850
FBG800 800 100~300 room temp.~110 45 450 0.4 2.8X5.2X2.4 4500
FBG 1000 1000 125~375 room temp.~110 45 520 0.6 2.9X5.3X2.5 5000
FBG 1200 1200 150~500 room temp.~110 55 640 0.8 2.9X5.5X2.5 6000

1. The inlet AHU consists of G4, F8, and H13 filters and heaters with accurate temperature control. The inlet air flow is variable controlled using the exhaust air fan motor VFD from HMI.
2. The main body structure consists of the lower bowl, movable product bowl, fluidized chamber, and expansion chamber/filter housing. The lower bowl, product container and fluidized chamber are inflatable silicon gasket sealed using a compressed air inspection sensor to ensure a reliable sealing performance.
3. The double structured bag filter is divided into two pieces (upon request, a stainless steel filter is available) and is inflatable silicon gasket sealed between the expansion chamber inner surfaces using a compressed air inspection sensor to ensure the reliable sealing. A dust sensor is mounted on the exhaust piping and interlocked from the control system to ensure product safety during processing.
4. The exhaust dust collection filter is optionally designed to protect the environment.
5. The 2 bar and 10 bar powder explosion resistant design is an optional choice in order to ensure operator, equipment and environment safety with a reliable grounding device.
6. If fluidized granulation is requested, the binder solution tank and spray system with a peristaltic pump will be designed and offered. The binder is sprayed from the peristaltic pump through the spray gun into the chamber and onto the product surfaces. The product adheres together by the binder, which forms a binder bridge n order to form core granules, and then grows to form. The binder bridge will then evaporate using hot air, and evenly dried granules will have been formed.
7. The lifting tipping with online dry cone mill system or vacuum loading mounting on the lifter with an online dry cone mill system is designed and offered in order to form a dust free material unloading process from the fluid bed. This ensures a dry sizing and clean production requirements that meet current GMP regulations.

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