Fully Automatic Pharmacy Capsule Machine

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Fully Automatic Pharmacy Capsule Machine

The NJP4200 automatic capsule filling machine is a kind of intermittent motion capsule filling equipment designed with multiple tamping stations and stable performance. The pharmaceutical machinery is capable of completing capsule feeding, separation, filling, removal of defective capsule, locking, and discharging, automatically.

Scientifically designed, the enclosed rotary table of the automatic capsule filling machine has twelve stations and 3 rows 32 die holes. The capsule filler conforms to GMP and FDA standard, as well as other internationally advanced standards.

Specifications of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Productivity 4200pcs/min
Size of capsule 00#-5#
Power supply 380V/50Hz, 3-phase 4-wire
Power 10.5kW
Water supply 500L/h, 0.2-0.10MPa
Dust collector capacity 230m3/h
Overall dimensions 1575×1283×(2120+250)mm
Weight 3400kg
Filling percentage ≥99.8%
Dosing accuracy ≤±5%
The filling percentage of this NJP4200 automatic capsule filling machine is over 99.8%. As a specialized pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer, besides capsule filling machines, FEIYUN provides medicine blister packaging machine, tablet coating machine, pharmaceutical tablet press, medical high purity nitrogen generator, capsule polisher, etc. All of our products meet pharmaceutical cGMP standards. If you want to buy quality pharmaceutical machinery from China, please let us know and we have what you need.
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