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The function of blister packing machine is to wrap products, thus protecting and making them more beautiful. Our company can provide two types of this machine, including flat plate type and double sided aluminum foil type. Flat plate type is the main packing machinery in pharmaceutical industry because most of finished medicines including tablet, capsule and gelatin pearl should be packed before being launched to the market. The process is to pack various pills in aluminum panel. For double sided aluminum foil blister packing machine, it is commonly used in light-resistant and moisture-proof packing for single and multiple tablets, capsules and regular shaped tablets. With simple operation, reliable and stable performance, blister packing machine is welcomed by major pharmaceutical companies.

Feiyun is a professional blister packing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer double sided aluminum foil blister packaging machine, medical high purity nitrogen generator and empty medicine capsule filling machine, etc.

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