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Capsule filling machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry. To be more specific, it can complete actions of capsule positioning, separation, filling and locking. The application of this machine can not only reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency but also make drug production process meet pharmaceutical hygienic requirements. Our company can provide seven types of this product and they can be used for filling various domestic or imported capsules. With accurate filling dose, novel structure, beautiful shape and easy operation, our product is an economical and practical device.

There are many precautions for using capsule filling machine. In the first place, as vibration machinery, all fastening screws should be checked regularly. If loose, they sholud be tightened to prevent failure and damage. Secondly, bench plate and drug board should be kept away from direct sunlight, high temperature and weights. Besides that, drug board should be placed upright or flat to avoid deformation and damage. Thirdly, electric device shell and body should be grounded in order to ensure safety and power should be cut off when work is finished. Last but not least, drug residues on the machine and in the mold hole should be cleaned throughly after work to keep capsule filling machine clean. Water can't be used to wash the host machine. Fixing screws can be loosened if mold needs cleaning.

Feiyun is a professional capsule filling machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including capsule polisher, medical high purity nitrogen generator, blister packing machine and so on.

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