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Coating machine can be used for uniform outer coating and polishing of molded core in pharmaceutical industry and pelleting and coating for candies in food industry. After polishing, coated tablet has bright surface. At the same time, full consolidation cladding layer can form after surface powdered sugar is crystallized thus preventing oxidation, moisture or volatility of pill core and covering the unpleasant taste for oral administration. Besides that, coating can be used to easily identify different tablets and ease the dissolving effect of drug in human gastrointestinal canal. Our company can provide many types of coating machine. And they all have reasonable pot body structure design and stable line speed. As a result, with uniform wall thickness, bright color and no pitting, the product meets the process requirements.

We are a professional coating machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a comprehensive line of products, including emulsifying machine, medical high purity nitrogen generator, blister packing machine and capsule filling machine, etc.

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