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Conical Mill Conical Mill Conical Mill

The FZ series grinding and granulating machine is used in pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical proceeding industries. It has reached international advanced levels, and conforms to GMP standards and specifications, with a structure made entirely of stainless steel material.

Model FZT-100 FZB-150(A) FZB -300(A) FZB -450(A) FZB -700(A) FZB -1000(A)
Capacity of cone mill (Kg/h) 10-100 15~150 30~300 45~450 70~700 100~1000
Granularity (mesh) 6-40 6-80
Temperature rise of driving seat (℃) < 30
Speed-adjusting range (rpm) 100~1450 FZB series frequency control 300~3600
Motor power(kW) 0.75 1.5 1.5 2.2 3 5.5
Overall dimension(L*W*H) (mm) 850*500*1050 720*445*1345 810*445*1345 920*445*1430 1000*500*1530 1100*600*1875
The height from ground to discharge mouth (mm) 600 650 650 690 690 700

1. The conical mill solves issues that arise from material that has been contaminated by the debris of a worn sieve mesh found in pendulum type granulating machines.
2. The unique patented shaft sealing technology ensures no leakage of lubrication oil.
3. Easy to control granularity
4. No retention dead corners, and no material overheating.
5. Less dust, no vibration, low noise.
6. High efficiency, energy saving, large production capacity
7. Attractive appearance, easy to clean

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