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Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine

DPP-250LS flat plate blister packing machine is innovatively designed based on equipment from Germany and Italy. This product reaches international advanced level and it can be used in food and pharmaceutical industries. This product is extensively used in aluminum and paper composite seal packaging of capsules, tablets, large dense pills, milk tablets, chocolate, syringes, infusion tubes, needles, electronic components and other products in pharmaceutical, food, medical equipment and electronics companies. It can prevent moisture, dust, improve product quality and added value.

Detailed Specifications
Punch frequency 20~45 times/min
Productivity 72,000-236,000 Pcs/h
Max. forming area and forming depth 120x240x26mm
Range of adjustable distance 30~120mm
Width and thickness of PVC & PTP PVC:0.15~0.45X250mm PTP:0.02~0.03x250mm
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Power 6KW
Air consumption ≥0.38m3/min
Cooling of mold Tap water or cycling water, 60L/H
Dimension(LxWxH) 3650x825x1735mm
Dimension of packaging case (LxWxH) 3800x1050x1900mm
Weight 1500kg

DPP-250LS flat plate blister packing machine has compact structure, smooth running, easy operation and maintenance. Cushion heat sealing is used in this machine. Textured board is automatically elevated when the machine shuts down, thus avoiding blister distortion caused by the thermal radiation when PVC stays, buffering super pressure and extending the service life. Molding, heat sealing, creasing and punching stations are all modular. As a result, every station can be arbitrarily adjusted by hand wheel. At the same time, pointer and scale instruction are equipped with DPP-250LS flat plate blister packing machine as well to improve the adjusting efficiency, save materials and realize scientific debugging. According to customers' requirements, PLC processing, modular, intelligent, human-machine interface control can be used in traditional core electrical equipment to improve product quality and expand information storage space.

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