QVC Automatic Vacuum Feeding Machine

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QVC Automatic Vacuum Feeding Machine

The QVC automatic vacuum feeding machine utilizes compressed air to realize material conveying. Requiring no mechanical type vacuum pump, the compressed air passes through the vacuum generator of the vacuum feeder, thus high vacuum environment is created. Thanks to the high vacuum, the material layering is fully avoided, ensuring the uniform mixing of the material.

Conforming to GMP, the automatic vacuum feeding machine is distinguished by simple structure, small volume, little maintenance, low noise, convenient control, and static elimination. This pharmaceutical machinery can be used for material feeding for tablet press, capsule filling machine, dry type granulator, packing machine, vibrating machine, etc.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Vacuum Feeding Machine
Model QVC-1 QVC-2 QVC-3 QVC-4
Output 350kg/h 700kg/h 1440kg/h 2880kg/h
Air Consumption 180L/min 360L/min 720L/min 1440L/min
Power 5W 5W 5W 5W
Overall Dimensions Ф140×560 Ф213×720 Ф290×850 Ф420×1150
Weight 15kg 20kg 28kg 40kg
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