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Feiyun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1986. Our company is a High-Tech Enterprise, located in the Zhejiang Province. Currently, the company is developing into a professional manufacturer of complete sets of pharmaceutical equipment and is capable of providing full services in support of the purchase of solid preparation equipment for pharmaceutical factories. For over a decade of rapid, consistent development, our company has earned a solid reputation and renown status in the domestic industry. We continue to develop and strive to build our famous brand,“Feiyun machine”, both at home and abroad. Our business phi;osophy: "with science and technology at the forefront, quality is established: the user is of paramount importance in forever creating a famous brand". "Let Feiyun fly to the world, let the world understand Feiyun", with high-quality products, excellent after-sales service, always with customers at home and abroad as the most important factor, we look forward to long-term cooperation with you.
  • Pharmaceutical Granulator
  • Pharmaceutical GranulatorDrugs: pharmaceutical preparations, Chinese medicine, crude drugs Chemical products: fuel, soda ash, chemical fertilizer, detergents Fine chemicals industries, catalysts and other products, such as pet medication and dry powder particles
  • Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator
  • Fluid Bed Dryer GranulatorThe FBG Series fluid bed dryer granulator is used in pharmaceutical solid dosage areas for mixing, granulation and drying application, as well as drying of wet granules processed from a high shear mixer granulator. It is one of the main pieces of processing equipment in a solid dosage production line, and is automatically PLC controlled, while fully satisfying current GMP standards.
  • Pharmaceutical Blender
  • Pharmaceutical BlenderThe HFD Series Bin Blender is an ideal blender used for mixing powders and granules together, most often in the pharmaceutical industry. Known for its high mixing efficiency and no risk of cross contamination and dust, the blender is used to satisfy strict batch control requirements, and complies completely with GMP requirements for medicine production.
  • Capsule Filling Machine
  • Capsule Filling MachineCapsule filling machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry. To be more specific, it can complete actions of capsule positioning, separation, filling and locking. The application of this machine can not only reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency but also make drug production process meet pharmaceutical hygienic requirements.
  • Pharmaceutical Tablet Press
  • Pharmaceutical Tablet PressWe provide pharmaceutical tablet press with different models with maximum production capacity ranging from 14,400pcs/h to 205,000pcs/h. As a reliable pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer, FEIYUN also offers capsule filling machine, capsule polisher, medicine pack blister packaging machine, medical high purity nitrogen generator, automatic tube filling and sealing machine, etc. If you are looking for pharmaceutical equipment in line with cGMP standards, please contact us and we have what you need.
  • Pharmaceutical Film Coating Machine
  • Pharmaceutical Film Coating Machine The BGB-5F high-efficiency pharmaceutical coating machine is a special piece of lab equipment used for coating film on traditional Chinese and Western medical tablets and pills. This equipment has been manufactured in strict accordance with GMP standards, and the entire outer surface, coating drum (coating pan).
  • Blister Packaging Machine
  • Blister Packaging Machine The function of blister packing machine is to wrap products, thus protecting and making them more beautiful. Our company can provide two types of this machine, including flat plate type and double sided aluminum foil type. Flat plate type is the main packing machinery in pharmaceutical industry because most of finished medicines including tablet, capsule and gelatin pearl should be packed before being launched to the market.
  • Cartoning Machine
  • Cartoning MachineThe automatic cartoning machine is used to insert blisters, bottles, vials, tube, ointment, sachets, injections, cosmetic, condoms, ampoules, plow-wrapped products, soap components, automotive parts, hardware, frozen food, milk powder bag, cereal bag, pharmaceutical products and just about any other product into a range of different carton types.
  • Emulsifying Machine
  • Emulsifying MachineEmulsifying machine is indispensable equipment for production of all kinds of ointments, creams, cosmetics and other emulsified products. It is comprehensively used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, cosmetics, oil and other industries. In order to meet market needs, our company provides many types of this machine, including emulsifying mixer and bottom homogenizing vacuum emulsifier equipment. These machines can produce products with delicate texture and high luster.
  • Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine
  • Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing MachineAutomatic tube filling and sealing machine, widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries, can smoothly and accurately inject various paste and viscosity fluids into plastic and aluminum tubes. This product has compact structure and beautiful appearance. At the same time, spare parts which may come into contact with mateirals are made of high quality stainless steel to prevent them from rust, corrosion and maintain long service life.
  • Medical High Purity Nitrogen Generator
  • Medical High Purity Nitrogen GeneratorMedical high purity nitrogen generator is a common machine used in food and pharmaceutical industries. It can be extensively in nitrogen protection for synthetic drugs, pure nitrogen isolation in biotech engineering, nitrogen sealing for production of preparation, such as large infusion, water injection, powder injection and lyophilized agent, etc.
  • Auxiliary Machine
  • Auxiliary MachineThe QD Series Auto-IBC washing station is a necessary piece of mechatronic equipment used in the solid dosage production process. It implements sanitary standards, and uses PLC program control technology, often in order to wash a pharmacy medicine bin. It can effectively remove any foreign materials (including chemical residues) on internal and external bin surfaces, thus, preventing cross contamination of different ingredients during the pharmaceutical process.