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Zhejiang Feiyun Technology, originally known as Ruian Feiyun Machinery Factory, was established in 1986 and is a professional pharmaceutical packing equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We are the largest manufacturer of hard gelatin capsule filling machines in China. Our products include the capsule filling machine, medical high purity nitrogen generator, blister packing machine, capsule polisher, pharmaceutical coating machine, and the other related products.

Hot Products
    1. NJP-3200 Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machinehot

      NJP-3200 fully automatic capsule filling machine is a new type intermittent motion machine which can be used for filling of powder and pellet shaped medicine.

    1. NJP-2800 Empty Medicine Capsule Filling Machinehot

      NJP-2800 empty medicine capsule filling machine is designed for large-volume production based on the NJP 2200. As ideal processing equipment for hard capsule pharmaceutical factory.

    1. NJP-2200 Medical Hard Capsule Filling Machinehot

      NJP-2200 medical hard capsule filling machine, as intermittent motion equipment, can be used for filling of pharmaceuticals and nutrition and health care products.

    1. NJP-1200 Fully Automatic Capsule Filler Machinehot

      NJP-1200 fully automatic capsule filler machine, as a intermittent motion porous plug product, can automatically complete operations of sowing, separation, filling, waste capsule removal, locking, delivery and granule filling.

    1. Medical High Purity Nitrogen Generatorhot

      Advanced international PSA production process is adopted so nitrogen purity is at least 99.999% which is in line with GMP production requirements of international pharmaceutical industry.

    1. DPP-250LL Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machinehot

      For principle of DPP-250LL pharmaceutical blister packaging machine, transparent plastic film or sheet form blister and methods such as heat sealing or adhesive sealing are used to seal the product between blister and the base plate.

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